Custom Design + Bridal + Ritual Jewelry


Savannah Hunter specializes in creating sustainable custom jewelry designs, including bridal and ritual jewelry. Ritual jewelry marks significant rites of passage other than marriage: birth, death, separation, forgiveness, coming of age, and other momentous life transitions.  Savannah Hunter will work with you personally to design a meaningful heirloom exactly to your liking.   As a one-of-a-kind piece of sustainable jewelry, your custom design will consist of only the highest quality ethically-sourced metals and gems.




Are you or someone you know pregnant?  Ask Savannah about her New Life Rings™, a ritual and heirloom jewelry package for expectant mothers.  New Life Rings™ make a beautiful group gift for baby showers and Blessingways.  The mother receives handmade silver stacking rings to disperse amongst her loved ones to wear until the baby is born.  After the birth, everyone returns the rings, and Savannah melts all the metal down to create a custom jewelry design for the baby! The baby can keep this heirloom for the rest of their life as a connection to all the people who were waiting for them to arrive in the world. 

If you would like Savannah Hunter to design and create your engagement ring, wedding bands, New Life Rings™, or original custom jewelry design, use the contact form below to start a conversation about your design vision.  Include a brief description of your design and, if applicable, the wedding date or due date. Savannah will contact you within 48 hours to begin the co-creation process!

Note: Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for design consultation and 6-8 weeks for the production of your custom jewelry.