The Ritual of Jewelry

Precious jewelry for your wild journey through the universe.

Handcrafted. Meaningful. Sourced with Care.

I make jewelry to help people feel more connected to themselves and the ones they love. Celebrate your unique life story with treasured jewelry and adornments.

connection transformation celebration

Go beyond a traditional baby shower...

New Life Rings help loved ones, near and far, feel connected through the journey of pregnancy and childbirth, while also creating a precious gift for mother and baby to cherish and pass down.

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Sustainable Design Ethic

Transparency. Traceability. Respect.

I take tremendous care in maintaining green studio practices and sourcing precious metals and gems from verified ethical sources to minimize my environmental and social footprint.

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Alternative Engagement Rings

Can't find the right ring for your beloved? Let's create something made just for them that suits their unique personality and tells your love story.

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Reimagined Heirlooms

Visit my custom design gallery to get ideas for how you could turn a family jewel that's just collecting dust into a piece you will wear and treasure everyday that you can pass along to the next generation.

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Handcrafted With Care

I design and produce my jewelry in small batches with precision and love.  Every piece that comes out of my studio is carefully crafted using age-old goldsmithing techniques, precision tools, and high quality materials.

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