About Savannah Hunter

I make jewelry to help people feel more connected to themselves and the ones they love.  What does that mean exactly? Jewelry connecting loved ones is a familiar concept to most - a special gift for your daughter, an anniversary gift for your wife or husband, and of course wedding rings and engagement rings. Those are all beautiful relationships to celebrate through jewelry but I like to dive a bit deeper than that.

I help my clients create ritual in their lives using jewelry.  

Whether you are moving on from a painful relationship, becoming a mother for the first (or 4th!) time, celebrating your daughter coming of age, or healing from trauma or the death of a loved one, jewelry can be a helpful tool in marking those transformations and rites of passage.  I make jewelry specifically for these occasions and I teach you how to use the jewelry to add meaning, richness, and grace to your journey through these moments in your life. I have intuitively created altars and rituals since early childhood. My jewelry is a vehicle for me to share these tools with you to help honor the meaningful challenges, successes, transitions, and transformations of your life.

Altar adorned with Savannah Hunter Jewelry box, crystals, dried plants and flowers, and jewelry.

And what do I mean when I say jewelry can make you feel more connected to yourself?  Jewelry and adornment are sacred tools in the process of celebrating who you are, reflecting on what stirs your spirit, and sharing that story with the world. Archeological evidence reveals that the earliest humans created pendants and amulets from stone, clay, and bone. My collections are inspired by this ancient, innate human desire for adornment.  They incorporate cosmic, elemental, and archetypal design elements to connect you to the deeper layers and higher meanings of the story you are living. 

My jewelry designs are meant to make you feel like the queen of your universe. 

Sometimes that means big, powerful statement pieces, and sometimes that means a tiny twinkle at your throat or a secret hidden diamond on the back of a ring that's just for you to know about.  It means wearing something on your body that makes you smile, breathe, move on, let go, remember that you're sexy, remember an old friend, or remember your SUPERPOWERS!  

I am a mother, goldsmith, alchemist, artist, intuitive folk witch, and matriarchist - reach out and ask me if you're not sure what some of that means! ;-)  I started my love affair with metals and gems 17 years ago and have had the honor of studying under masters in California, Italy, and Indonesia.  After spending my twenties as a circus performer in the Bay Area and abroad, I made the shift to follow my calling as a jeweler and founded Tenzabelle, now known as Savannah Hunter Jewelry.  I currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with my sweet family, growing a garden full of food and medicine, concocting fancy feasts and cocktails, playing in the woods, gazing at the stars, and crafting precious gems to share with my fellow humans.  

I invite you to adorn yourself with pieces from my collections, mark a pivotal moment in your life with my ritual jewelry, or reach out to me about a custom design or wedding ring you are dreaming up.  Join me in the ritual of jewelry!

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