Trauma + Loss + Grief


Every time your grief cries, 
you pick it up, cradle it
like a newborn.  But your pain
isn't precious, not your life-long
responsibility.  For each doting moment,

your soul refuses to sing for days - & the world
needs your music too much.
Please leave it be; no more milk.  Let it cry
for nights on end unattended.  Let it
forget how your heartbeat sounds, the warmth
of your skin.  Stop making it soup when it coughs,
setting a place for it at the table or buying it 
new clothes.  Convert its old room into
a sanctuary for things you adore.
Let your ache become self-sufficient
& grow apart from you,
walk out the door
& forget to call home.

- From Starshine & Clay by Kamilah Aisha Moon

I make the jewelry in this collection using Jet (180 million year old fossilized wood) and Onyx, both stones traditionally used in grief and mourning jewelry. My inspiration for creating jewelry for grief and loss came from my own experience of healing from trauma, which ultimately led me to develop a surprising kinship with Jet as a healing tool. You can read more about my own grief journey and discoveries about Jet in my journal post here.

No one is untouched by trauma. We all need healing.  Trauma begets trauma. We can't break free from the cycle of harming ourselves and harming others without healing our own wounds. 

I make each piece of jewelry in this collection as a prayer that you can heal yourself and thereby contribute to the healing of all beings.

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