New Life Rings

An intergenerational Community Connection Ritual to hold, support, and celebrate new mothers and babies through the birth transformation.

New Life Rings make a beautiful group gift for baby showers and Mother Blessings*.  Part ritual and part heirloom, these rings are a meaningful and unique way to welcome a new baby to the world.  The rings create a circle of connection between all the loved ones who surround the new family, even if they cannot be physically close during the pregnancy and birth.

  • The mother receives handmade silver stacking rings to disperse amongst her loved ones to wear until the baby is born.  
  • After the birth, everyone returns the rings to the mother or mails them direct to my studio. (Detailed instructions provided.)
  • I melt all the rings down into a single piece of metal and create a piece of jewelry for the baby! 

The finished piece of jewelry makes a precious gift to give to the baby when they get older, a treasured family heirloom they can keep for the rest of their life as a connection to all the people who lovingly awaited their arrival to the world. 

*Why I refrain from using the term Blessingway

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