Coming of Age

"How might it have been different for you, if, on your first menstrual day, your mother had given you a bouquet of flowers and taken you to lunch, and then the two of you had gone to meet your father at the jeweler, where your ears were pierced, and your father bought you your first pair of earrings, and then you went with a few of your friends and your mother's friends to get your first lip colouring; and then you went, for the very first time, to the Women's Lodge to learn the wisdom of women?

How might your life be different?"

                                        -from "Circle of Stones" by Judith Duerk

Below you will find an assortment of jewels designed to honor a young girl's first moon cycle and celebrate her transition to maidenhood, womanhood, and beyond.  They are designed to be worn during each month's cycle, to honor the release of life-giving blood from the womb back to the earth and the waters. 

Note: Though designed as coming of age gifts, these pieces are applicable for any and all femme people,  trans men, nonbinary and intersex folx of any age, at any stage of menstruation or lack thereof, who want to honor or heal their relation to their body and its rhythms and cycles.

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