Rebrand Transformation!

Decorative gold letters on black background that read Savannah Hunter Jewelry

Well this is a big one and it’s been a long process to get here, but starting today I’m officially putting my TENZABELLE brand to bed and rebirthing my biz under my own name, Savannah Hunter Jewelry. A little back story: TENZABELLE was a name very dear to my heart, the name of one of my female ancestors, a lovely weaving together of my feminine lineage and my personal story. 

My previous logo was SO very special, a potent symbol created by magic maker and long time friend Rich Risbridger of Dragon Butterfly Design. Thank you to my first business name and logo for carrying me this far on the journey - you will both live on the altar of this experience forever.   And now for the beginning of a new story...

I have always had an emphasis on ritual in my work, weaving it into my custom work and creating jewelry rituals for major life events, like my New Life Rings which honor birth and the birthing of the mother.  Over time a new path has unfolded before me and I've been on a clear trajectory to move my ritual jewelry offerings into center focus. 

So my new collections have this ritual purpose at their heart: inasmuch as they are adornment, they are tools for healing and growth.  In the coming weeks I'll begin sharing the first pieces from this new ritual line, with jewelry designed specifically for trauma/loss/grief, coming of age, pregnancy/birth, resistance/uprising, and protection.  And sooooo much more to come! 

With this shift in artistic purpose, my name and brand needed to grow and shift with me.  The ritual jewelry is such a deeply personal offering that it only feels right to work under my own name moving forward. And as for my new logo, Rich conjured up another incredible power symbol for me that I am SO excited about:

There's a big story behind this new symbol too but I'm gonna save it for another post. That's it for now.  Fare thee well dear TENZABELLE and Happy Birthday to Savannah Hunter Jewelry!

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